Sunday, May 16, 2010

Front Page..

Every time I log onto Etsy, I secretly wish to see one of my items on the front page. I feel like an outsider that desperately wants to get into the cool kids club where I can say 'My shop has been featured on the front page of Etsy!'.

I keep hearing that you need to have good pictures and a unique product. Well, I feel as if I have that, but I've noticed that a lot of the shops on there have a lot of sales as well (at least compared to me) so do I need to have high sales in order to be considered worthy?

I know there is some frustration going on about so-called front page favoritism, but I just want to get on there once. ONCE! Is that so much to ask?!

I know I'm not alone in this...I just needed to vent it all out. Thanks for listening/reading whoever you are.