Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giveaway Contest Winners!!!

I couldn't believe what an amazing response I got for my first giveaway contest...I got over 200 entries!!  To those of you who entered, thank you sooooo so much and please check back on my blog or facebook as I think I'll be doing more of these giveaways in the future!  As a handmade artist, I put A LOT of time and thought into each item I create so it was so beneficial to hear what your favorite items were because I don't always get to hear WHY people like certain really makes a difference and I'll keep all of your comments in mind when I'm creating new items.

Since I got such an overwhelming response, I was feeling pretty generous and I decided to do TWO winners instead of one!  Both winners have already been notified so if you haven't heard from me, then I'm sorry you didn't win this time, but don't worry because I will be sure to have another giveaway soon.  

To thank you for participating (or for simply following my blog) I will be giving a 20% discount off the total purchase in my shop....just use the coupon code: THANKYOU20 during checkout.  This discount is only good for the month of February and will be expired at the end of the month so use it soon!

The first winner of my blog giveaway was Ginger and she won the favorite item that she posted, the Light Amethyst and Pearls Floral Bracelet:

The second winner was Erin and she won the Mystere - Charcoal and Indigo French Beaded Flower Hair Clip:

(By the way, both of these items are still available in my shop...)

Thank you so much once again for making this giveaway such a success!