Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas is over!

And I'm already wanting to re-vamp my shop, make new items, promote like crazy, and work 10 times harder!  I'm destined to make this business work, otherwise I would have wasted a lot of time and a lot of money! This is my MorninGloria's list of New Year's resolutions:

1. Get business license/seller's permit/Employee Identification Number....
         I've been putting these off just because of all the paperwork, but I need to just get it over with so that I can become a legitimate business.  Also, I need these for my next resolution.

2. Business checking account.
        In order to organize my finances, I need to get a separate account, with separate checks and debit card because come tax's gonna be a big hassle to separate business and personal expenses...

3. Set up my office/creating space.
         I'm almost done with this...getting organized in my bedroom i'm renting out so that I can work more productively.

4.  Applying for craft fairs.
         It took me a while to find a decent site that lists craft shows around my area so I'm going to try to sign up for them ahead of time.

5.  Making items for myself.
         I've been so focused on making items to sell, I hardly have anything for myself! One of my favorite things is when I'm wearing one of my items and I get complimented on it.

This is a start and I'm sure I'll keep contributing to this list as time goes on.....

Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unknown Etsy Tools...please share!

A couple weeks ago I started a forum on Etsy asking if anyone knew of any obscure tools that could help run their Etsy shop better.  I got a crazy amount of responses and was even featured on the weekly email Etsy sends out! I ended up going through the whole thread and compiling a list of all the links people sent me. I don't know yet what they all are, but I figured it'd be nice to have them in one place to share. ENJOY!!!
Forum Wrangler:
Forum Nav Bar:
Forum Permalink:
Admin Spotting:
More codes:
Search for fabric on etsy by color:
Wish list sites:,com_spotlight/task,wishlist/
Statsy Vutrac allows you track each of your items' views across periods of time! Vutrac also saves a history of previous updates:
Statsy Locator searches Etsy search results for an item and tells you on which page and what place it is:
The Biggest Fan tool shows you your top 5 fans:
You can get notified every time you are featured on Etsy's front page:

the new craftomania toolbar with many of these links added!

Here's a link to the forum:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Teal, turquoise, and gold items. Check em out!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MorninGloria's ....Jewelry?

I've been struggling with the idea of starting a second Etsy shop for my other jewelry because I really wanted to focus the first one solely on French beaded flowers.  I was asking other sellers and friends for advice on shop names, but in the end, I decided to just combine my jewelry with my flower hair accessories.

Here's a picture of my first jewelry item...let me know what you think!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Map of my sold orders....

I made a map using Google Maps of the places I've sold to so far....hopefully I can add international locations soon!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's my Birthday! Woohoo!!

But I'm celebrating by giving YOU a present! :D 19% off any item in my store today only! Just write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the message to seller section when purchasing and you will be refunded via paypal.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"In the Garden."

I've had my eye on many of FlowerLeaf's beautiful jewelry, but saw these earrings today and it had all my favorite colors!!  So I decided to give myself an early b-day gift (my birthday is Saturday)
Here's the link to the shop:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lowered my shipping prices!

In the attempt to save the planet (and my wallet), I have begun using recycled materials to package my products.  Thus, I have lowered my shipping prices!!!!!!

Spread the word! :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Homemade Bubble Mailer!

Made my first homemade bubble mailer today! It was so much fun! I recycled this paper bag that I thought was really "cool"..hehe.  

I used this tutorial by 27things. I think this is a great idea to re-use shipping items! Very GREEN!!

Here's the link:

I probably should have taken the picture before I put the package

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Baby You've Got Me"


This gets me really excited because I've been dying to be on the front, home page of Etsy.

Same listing as the previous blog...yeah!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Here's looking at Hue!"

Made it on another Treasury!!! This one created by my new buddy, Flowerleaf.  Using the gorgeous color combination of Blue, Fuscia, and Purple!!  Check it out!!

Here's a screenshot of the Treasury!

Here's the listing that made it on the treasury!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NorthWave Dance Festival - danceSonoma

You might know me as a beader/crafter, but did you know that I'm also a dancer/choreographer?  This month, on September 18-19, a dance I choreographed for Sonoma State's student show will be performed at the NorthWave Dance Festival!!!  It's a production showcasing 24 dances from all over Sonoma County and I'm so very honored to have been chosen for it! 
(Clint and I in a lift from "440")
I got the inspiration for my dance when I was at a local dive bar around the corner from my house called the 440 Club.  As I was explaining to a friend an inner conflict that had been plaguing me, Jimi Hendrix's Red House came on the juke box.  The song immediately fit the mood and weight of what I had been talking about and I just got so excited! I thought to myself that I HAD TO create a dance to that song! And so with my inspiration from that bar, I named my dance "440".
The movement turned out to be a jazzy, latin, contact/contemporary blend. I'm not normally the type to be in the spotlight, so this dance was a big change for me. I've also never danced that HARD! I was huffing and puffing after every run through because I'm on stage the entire time moving with my whole body! I can't say enough how happy I was with the result!
I put my heart and soul into this dance (and plenty of bruises) and so I'm exceptionally greatful that I get to keep it alive.  I can safely say that if I end up in the professional world of dance, this piece will definitely stay in my repertory.
My two other dancers, Adam and Clint, gave so much of their very very little free time helping me create this dance.  We didn't begin until mid semester!!  But we pushed through long, late rehearsals and through some tough lifts and movement we'd all never done and so I am eternally grateful for their hard work.
Link to NorthWave Dance Festival info:
Link to view the video of  "440":

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Maria Teresa - Black, Purple, and Lavender French Beaded Flower Brooch Pin

This flower was designed for my wonderful friend Maria Teresa who will be leaving soon to teach dance in India!!!  She told me she wanted black, purple, and lavender and on a brooch pin and this is what I created for her.  I love it! I'm gonna make one for myself soon because I love the combinations of black with purple...especially for Halloween! 

I'll make sure to remind her to send me pics of her wearing it in India.  I forgot my bead spinner at home (I made this in between classes) so I had to improvise with a pill tin and a bottle cap to hold my beads as I put them on the wire! Lol! But I made it work!

What I love about putting flowers on brooch pins is that you can easily slip a flat clip or bobby pin through it and put it in your hair! I need to make that more clear...maybe I'll start sending a clip with the brooch when people order it.

I was making this is the lobby of the theater building (where all us theater/dance people hang out) and I got a ton of compliments on it! Hope to make more sales soon!
My good friend, Michael Eynon, sporting this lovely brooch.  It can be for men, too! Lol!

Prayers go out to the Houar family! They lost their home in the Mammoth Lakes wildfires. All proceeds of this flower go towards them...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Orange You Poppy Lure

So for those of you who aren't fellow Etsians (yes, we have a name for our community of crafters!), I'd like to explain a little about the Treasury feature on Etsy. The Treasury is a place where users can create a gallery of 12 items of whatever they want. They can have a theme, a similar color, a similar genre, or just random! It's a way to help other members get their product shown and just to show off your own style.

What's great about these lists is that Etsy will sometimes use them for their front page of their website. The front page is where you get MAXIMUM exposure for your product, so being on a treasury list is always extremely beneficial to your shop.

Now, creating a Treasury is the tricky part. You cannot create a list until the number of lists lower a certain number (they expire after a couple of days). This feature is really popular and a lot of fun, so most of the time, people are patiently waiting by the computer, obsessively looking at the number of lists or plotting when it will be down, then you look for the little button to create your own!

I was patient and fortunate enough to be able to create my own list finally! I named it "Orange You Poppy Lure" which was inspired by the Poppy Beaded Flower that I recently created of the same name. That flower was inspired by my wonderful photographer, Brandon, who loves the color orange and deserved a really special flower (thank you again!). I also figured that the orange/black combination would be good for Halloween.

I'm crossing my fingers that an Admin from Etsy sees it and uses it for the front page because I'm really proud of this list. All the products on it I really love!!! It's so exciting to see fellow artists create such wonderful, handmade, quality work! I can't wait to make another treasury soon!
Here' the link to the Treasury list:


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

College Rush

I've been in a flurry to get more beaded flowers done since I start classes Wednesday and I know once school starts, my free time will go from unlimited to zilch. So I've been beading all day and night making my babies. It has taken over my life at the moment...there is so much work starting a new business!!

The other day I had taken my bead supplies to a friend's party so that I could visit AND create more flowers. When I got home, I couldn't find my flowers anywhere (all of them!!!). I wanted to cry! I had spent countless hours and blistered my hands on these blooms and I couldn't find them anywhere!

They ended up being in the side pocket of my craft bag I had taken with me. I felt like a dummy. Lol.

We're doing a photoshoot today!!! Off to create a few more!!