Monday, August 31, 2009

The Maria Teresa - Black, Purple, and Lavender French Beaded Flower Brooch Pin

This flower was designed for my wonderful friend Maria Teresa who will be leaving soon to teach dance in India!!!  She told me she wanted black, purple, and lavender and on a brooch pin and this is what I created for her.  I love it! I'm gonna make one for myself soon because I love the combinations of black with purple...especially for Halloween! 

I'll make sure to remind her to send me pics of her wearing it in India.  I forgot my bead spinner at home (I made this in between classes) so I had to improvise with a pill tin and a bottle cap to hold my beads as I put them on the wire! Lol! But I made it work!

What I love about putting flowers on brooch pins is that you can easily slip a flat clip or bobby pin through it and put it in your hair! I need to make that more clear...maybe I'll start sending a clip with the brooch when people order it.

I was making this is the lobby of the theater building (where all us theater/dance people hang out) and I got a ton of compliments on it! Hope to make more sales soon!
My good friend, Michael Eynon, sporting this lovely brooch.  It can be for men, too! Lol!

Prayers go out to the Houar family! They lost their home in the Mammoth Lakes wildfires. All proceeds of this flower go towards them...


  1. So how long did Michael keep the flower on his glasses? LOL

  2. Haha...he would have kept it longer. He said he'd be willing to model some of my flowers for my Etsy site! :D