Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NorthWave Dance Festival - danceSonoma

You might know me as a beader/crafter, but did you know that I'm also a dancer/choreographer?  This month, on September 18-19, a dance I choreographed for Sonoma State's student show will be performed at the NorthWave Dance Festival!!!  It's a production showcasing 24 dances from all over Sonoma County and I'm so very honored to have been chosen for it! 
(Clint and I in a lift from "440")
I got the inspiration for my dance when I was at a local dive bar around the corner from my house called the 440 Club.  As I was explaining to a friend an inner conflict that had been plaguing me, Jimi Hendrix's Red House came on the juke box.  The song immediately fit the mood and weight of what I had been talking about and I just got so excited! I thought to myself that I HAD TO create a dance to that song! And so with my inspiration from that bar, I named my dance "440".
The movement turned out to be a jazzy, latin, contact/contemporary blend. I'm not normally the type to be in the spotlight, so this dance was a big change for me. I've also never danced that HARD! I was huffing and puffing after every run through because I'm on stage the entire time moving with my whole body! I can't say enough how happy I was with the result!
I put my heart and soul into this dance (and plenty of bruises) and so I'm exceptionally greatful that I get to keep it alive.  I can safely say that if I end up in the professional world of dance, this piece will definitely stay in my repertory.
My two other dancers, Adam and Clint, gave so much of their very very little free time helping me create this dance.  We didn't begin until mid semester!!  But we pushed through long, late rehearsals and through some tough lifts and movement we'd all never done and so I am eternally grateful for their hard work.
Link to NorthWave Dance Festival info:
Link to view the video of  "440":

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