Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Three Years...

It has been three years since I've posted last on here. THREE YEARS!!! WOW.. This life is so fragile, it flies by in an instant.

To say that the last three years has been the hardest of my life is an understatement. My transition into the 'real world' was not an easy one as I experienced the most challenging aspect of my life while losing my mother to ovarian cancer.  The grief of this was overbearing, but throughout it all I continued to bead through the train rides, hospital stays, and late nights...being creative was my solace.

For this, and for many other reasons....after some time of grieving...I decided to continue forward to achieve a graduate degree in psychology and expressive arts with the hopes that I will be able to instil and nurture others use of creativity and art for their own healing, quieting, expression, and artistic therapy.

And so now, in my 2nd year of graduate school, I return with full force into my beadwork, dancing, writing, art-making, friend-hugging, and overall wellness. I hope that I will be able to fill my life with creativity, and share it with the world!

In this I remember my mama, Beatriz Rubio-Verduzco. May she always be with me as I continue through this journey..


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